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We are the largest provider of Magnetic Bracelets in the UK. We specialise in magnetic titanium bracelets and copper bracelets and pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of high quality, high strength, magnetic bracelets to suit everyone. Our aim is to optimise the power and effectiveness of magnetic therapy whilst offering value for money.


The movie Boss Baby tells the story of a be-suited infant sent to earth with the express purpose of foiling a dastardly plot by the scheming CEO of Puppy Co. to replace universal Infant Love with universal Puppy Love.  The story plays on the notion that...

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Healthy mind, healthy body?

How our bodies and minds interact with each other has long been debated.  It is accepted that the two systems are interdependent, that the functioning of one will affect the functioning of the other.  Exactly how this relationship between a physical thing...

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What is Yoga and Why Do It?

We have all heard of Yoga, but the images that spring to mind are individuals bending themselves into unreachable positions and doing headstands, definitely not for the likes of us.  In fact what Yoga is, in very simple terms, is stretching with mindful...

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Does Copper Have Healing Properties?

The short answer to this question is 'It depends on who you ask?'  Scientific research addressing the question is equivocal at best.  In the most oft quoted recent piece of UK research into the issue, Richmond (2013) states that 'Wearing a magnetic wrist...

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The Healing Power of Magnets

Magnetic Therapy is an age-old practice going back many civilisations. It was mentioned in ancient writings from many cultures. Magnetic therapy as part of alternative health is undergoing a popular revival. This is due to the influence of modern magnetic...

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Magnetic Therapy for Muscle Rejuvenation

We know that magnetic fields influence living tissue and this fact has been harnessed since ancient times for therapeutic purposes.  There is an increasing body of, mostly anecdotal, evidence documenting the rejuvenating properties of magnetic therapy. ...

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