We know that magnetic fields influence living tissue and this fact has been harnessed since ancient times for therapeutic purposes.  There is an increasing body of, mostly anecdotal, evidence documenting the rejuvenating properties of magnetic therapy.  Much of the evidence comes from the area of competitive sports. 

Researchers across all sporting arenas are concerned about how to optimise performance.  A key way of doing this is by improving the muscles’ capacity to recover quickly from the physical strain of training and competition. 

During training and competition two things occur in the muscles:

  1. Muscles are being torn down and damaged. If muscles are not allowed to rest, larger wounds in the muscle may occur that result in missed training time, decreased vitality, and reduced performance.
  2. Waste products that lead to a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the muscle cells accumulate in the muscle tissue. This also leads to a breakdown in training and performance.

Magnetic field energy penetrates into the body, improving blood circulation that can aid in healing and stimulating metabolism.  This can lead to faster removal of waste and an improvement in the blood cells’ supply of oxygen and nutrients.  Thus the magnets speed up muscle recovery after high intensity activity and reduce muscle tension and pain.

It should be said that the anecdotal evidence for the benefits of magnetic therapy is seldom supported by clinical trials, so that it is not possible to make firm claims for the curative benefits of magnets. However magnet therapy does appear to help many people, it is non-invasive, inexpensive and as there is no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise that magnets cause harm.  It is a risk-free therapeutic intervention.  At the very least magnetic health products are attractive pieces of jewellery, and we believe the beautifully designed NeoMax30 is a fine example of such. 

The NeoMax30 has been carefully crafted by us and made to our very high specifications by experts in the field of magnetic health care production. The NeoMax 30 uses the latest manufacturing techniques to produce a unique magnetic bracelet. This innovation integrates 30 rectangular bars of high strength Neodymium magnets within a practical easy to use flexible silicon band.  It is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a bracelet that is robust yet lightweight, great for sports, gardeners, any outdoor work or pursuits.

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