In 2016 Brooke, a bonny, loveable golden retriever, sustained a knee injury whilst performing an acrobatic leap through the Leylandi separating her garden from her neighbours’.  She had achieved this amazing feat on numerous occasions in the past whilst executing a speedy return home after treats and playtime with her Doggie Pals next door. Tremendously agile, sporty Brooke would pounce and disappear through the hedge like a train from Harry Potter going through Platform 9¾. This time unfortunately Brooke’s back right leg got stuck in the hedge and she determinedly pulled it through jumping down onto the other side. Brooke was observed to be limping badly and a local vet later diagnosed a torn anterior cruciate ligament.  A subsequent x-ray confirmed the diagnosis and one option was a possible major (expensive) operation with a long recovery period, no guarantee of success and involving possible risks for a dog no longer in the first flush of youth. 

Brooke’s owners with the help of veterinarian support decided on an alternative treatment plan:

1. Restricted exercise for two months

2. A series of laser acupuncture sessions to target the knee injury

3. Daily use of the Magno Mutt™ Advanced Magnetic Dog Collar

4. Therapeutic massage to relax the muscles and get blood and vital energy stimulated in the affected area.

5. Intermittent hydrotherapy sessions to improve mobility whilst avoiding impact on the joints.

Magnetic therapy and acupuncture have been used in conjunction with each other for thousands of years.  Magnetism is a basic force of nature which is believed to work on the blood by improving its oxygenation. The improved blood quality then flows to damaged joints, muscles and tissues helping to speed healing, reduce inflammation and improve general health. It is also possible that magnets help block pain by releasing endorphins, the animals own natural pain killers.

After two months of treatment Brooke began to make remarkable progress.  Her limp disappeared and she soon returned to her daily walks in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.  She continues to wear the Magno Mutt™ today and exercises and plays as much as she ever did. Her visits to her canine pals next door are now made via their back gate, and clever Brooke has learned to notify humans of her comings and goings with a muted bark.   

The Magno Mutt™ magnetic dog collar is designed for maximum therapy.  It contains four large powerful magnets (depending on collar size). Each magnet is graded at core strength 14000 Gauss which enables deep effective penetration. The collar comes in three sizes and three different colours.  Have a look!  

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