The movie Boss Baby tells the story of a be-suited infant sent to earth with the express purpose of foiling a dastardly plot by the scheming CEO of Puppy Co. to replace universal Infant Love with universal Puppy Love.  The story plays on the notion that our four-legged friends evoke in us all the warm feelings and unconditional love usually preserved for our children and promotes the view that puppies are usurping babies as the number one object of human affection.

Dogs have their own beaches. Their own parks. They can come with you to dinner and even to the spa. You can pay a little extra for some of them to sit with you on an airplane.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE our pets: Why? because they offer unconditional positive regard whatever mood, mental state or financial predicament we find ourselves in and they are ready receptacles for the myriad of emotional states – good and bad – that get stirred up in us by our increasingly bonkers daily lives.

Our growing affection for our ‘fur babies’ appears to be reflected in the increasing commodification of animal love.  According to the Statistics Portal the market value of pet care products in the UK has risen year on year since 2013 and currently sits at almost €5.1 billion. This is in spite of the fact that the domestic pet population in the United Kingdom is showing a clear 14 million drop since 2010 when the market value was a mere €3.1 billion.  These figures suggest that in the UK, spending per (non-human) animal in 2018 is more than double the amount spent in 2010.   You can now acquire anything from pet memorial jewellery to diamond collars and memory foam mattresses – here’s one retailing at just under £500.

Whatever you might think of the notion encapsulated in Boss Baby that fur babies are taking the place of human babies in adults affections and however you might respond to the film – I thought it was quite good fun myself, there’s no getting away from the fact that the pet industry is big business – a fact the fictional CEO of Puppy Co. intended to fully exploit to his own ends – “and he would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids!”


Here at Magnets4Health we love our dogs too and we recognise that it’s important to dog owners that they look after their animals and keep them as pain free as possible.  We don’t suggest however that you need to spend £500, nor anything like it to do so.  Our Magnomutt magnetic dog collars have a proven track history of reducing joint pain in dogs and revitalising their energy.  M4H dog Stout (pictured) an active 10 year old Retriever/Labrador is sporting our Cherry Red Magnomutt.  You’ll find the full range of sizes and colours here.

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